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When manufacturing our goal is to produce the best possible solution for yield and fabric usage. We ensure we can provide you with the perfect cut and finish for your garments with 900.000 pcs annual capacity. Our cutting machine is able to cut to the exact millimeter so your finished garment will be at the highest standard.



Our clothing manufacturing and production service is one of our core businesses that we are experienced in. With the combination of an array of the highest quality new machines and our expert team of Production Machinists you will be receiving a superior product for your brand label and for the market.

We can manufacture anything apparel including activewear, men’s and ladies clothing, linen, bedding, towels, swimwear, babies and kids clothes, outer wear and Pj's with 900.000 pcs annual capacity. Anything textile we can help!  



There is the final check before you receive your product. A random full size set of each style is measured, checked against the specifications and reported on. We are making both in-line and final QC according to AQL standards

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